Need some pointers if you can

I went back and redid my project and I’m really struggling with the mouth and lips. Any videos or advice?

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I can highly recommend the book “Anatomy for sculptors”. It helps a LOT to understand how and why human body should look like.
Talking of what I can see on that image - the jaw is too wide. It makes mouth look flat and too wide too. You can look on any reference of human skull to better understand its form. Generally from front view it should have that “V” shape.
Also I think lips should be thinner.


yes!!that is very true @dmfrodol

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I’m with ‘dmfrodol’, you need to master human anatomy. Even if you want to create cartoon characters.
Then also use references for correct dimensions. And then practice, practice, practice, practice
Make hundreds of models.

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Thanks! I’ll be taking this critique to heart as I want to improve. Really appreciated


A little late on the reply, but this short video was what I needed to get a decent looking mouth and lips on my first couple tries. This is an old post I know, but thought I’d drop this here in case anyone else wanders by and needs help too.

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