Need help with linked duplicate!

I am having a bit of trouble with linked duplicates and i was wondering if anyone could help me?

I have all my building blocks ready to go in another layer. I have linked duplicate the building blocks and fitted them into place. But if I save and reload the file the building blocks have moved inside the original and there is now empty spaces.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Not there yet, but when I have problems like these I experiment with a simple setup like 2 cubes in the original file and then link to these cubes from the construction file. Then see if you can repeat the probems and solve them in this simple setting. Perhaps you need to lock the original cubes with regard to scale, rotation and location in the properties panel (N). When I encouter these problems later on, I come back to this post.
Good luck!!

Thank you for the help. I will give this a go now and see if it works. In the end on my main model I reconstructed the model linking the original file over and over again. Seems to have worked as a temporary measure but not the most ideal solution for future projects so I will defiantly give this a go and see if it works. Thanks :smiley:

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