Need help with developing with others

So I have put together a dev team for my projects and we dont live in the same place, so i want to be able to let them edit without doing the github uploading and stuff. Is there anyway to do that?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Perhaps web hosting and shared FTP access? or similar… all fraught with issues though…

For example, I’m assuming you don’t really know any of the people yet, but… if you’ve all been working on something for 3 months and, at best, someone makes a mistake and wipes the lot, or makes significant mistakes that it will take so long to undo and correct… or worse… an intentional act… what are you going to do?

With a source control solution you could at least see which commit messed things up, and who made the changes. You could access previous versions.

It is a little bit more effort but could save you considerable pain in the long term and there are free options too. :slight_smile:

I know the people well :slight_smile:

If you are happy with the risk then probably some shared hosting space somewhere and maybe free FTP client software would work for you… central location to share the contents… make sure everyone uses the same line endings on the code! :wink:

Have you considered something like Dropbox or OneDrive?
You’ll need to make sure 2 people aren’t working on the same file at the same time too.

You may get a few “File is in use by another process” messages if you used the Dropbox root directory as the directory for the project… you’d probably have to copy the contents out, work on it, then copy it back I’d have thought…

The file sharing/hosting solution really isn’t idea in my opinion… open to a lot of issues… :worried:

I’m not seeing why using a git repository isn’t an option.

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I just had a mental image of how I would look when I learnt someone had deleted months of my code and there was no way to get it back… lol…

Rage Level 100 :smiley:

Agreed. I’ve lost enough work to hard drive crashes and dead laptops that everything I do is now
backed up to the cloud. Thankfully sites like dropbox keep revisions, so if you change a file, or delete one, you can recover an old copy.

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Interesting, I’ve never used it for that… typically just for sharing some photos back and forth with family but because I store them else where normally it’s only ever for temporary things.

How much info does the revision history provide you with Chris? Enough to point the sharp ended finger of blame at a specific individual and suggest they are a heathen for not abiding by one’s own naming conventions? :smiley:

I started using it in school, it was a lifesaver.
From what I recall, one document I had to restore had like 15 revisions saved.
It will also tell you who modified a file, if you share a folder with someone.

Sadly, I’ve yet to figure out how to get it to insult people for using poor naming conventions.

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That’s pretty nifty, makes sense I suppose as the more features they can add to it the more likely to sell it… I had wondered whether it was supported by something like Git under the bonnet, I remember seeing the little icons changing on my files and thinking at the time how it reminded me of Subversion. Never occurred to me about the revisions though…

Time Chris… you just need more time… :smiley: is a real time editing tool that saves your code for 14 days before dropping the site. That functionality is free. Not sure what you get for paying, but I’d imagine it’s pretty epic.

It’s a good tool to collaborate because you can see people change code in real time, and you can see who is doing it. They have some collaboration tools, too, but it’s not crazy packed full of stuff.

I’ve used other solutions that are very complex, but it was a long time ago and I can’t recall them.

For file sharing, I’ve found there really isn’t a better solution that Google. Dropbox maybe, I haven’t messed with them much, but Google Drive is an epic tool to have, even if it’s just the free version. Just share folders with people you want to have access and let them create their own files and upload them. The Google Office software that comes with it is powerful, and intuitive. In fact, Google Docs are used in this course to build the GDDs you see him display all the time.

I used to be a Microsoft guy 100%, but Google is definitely stealing me away with all their free tools and innovation. :slight_smile:

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