Need help using wasd for movement, and mouse for character facing

I just finished lecture 60, and I’m starting to need help with my different control scheme.
As the title said, I am using standard wasd for character movement, and I want to have the character face the direction of the mouse. After a bit of googling I’ve not found any solutions that work for me, they all glitch in one way or another. laugh

Why not just use things the way of the course? Well simple, because though I love Diablo, played since the original came out, the click to move/attack was always my least favorite part of the game. I want a more fluid combat I guess kinda like a twin-stick shooter, move with one hand, aim with the other. As my attacks will be in an arc in front of the player, and projectiles will fire directly in front of them.

Hope this section is an alright place for this, figure it IS character movement, even though I’m working on it far later than this section. :slight_smile:

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