[Need help] Texture i bake onto stays fully black

Hi guys, I’ve tried baking high poly to low poly but no matter the “Max Ray Distance” settings I can’t seem to get any normals onto my “bullet_normals” texture.

My understanding of baking normals:

  1. unwrap LP and HP model
  2. assign 2 materials one for LP one for HP model (important to add image node to LP)
  3. select high poly + CTRL + low poly model (so low poly model is active)
  4. select image node in low poly material (inside shader editor)
  5. open Bake tab with Cycles as render engine
  6. set “Selected to Active” and “Max Ray Distance”
  7. press “Bake” button

Feedback message after i press bake:

What am I doing wrong here ?

Turns out i just needed to go to Image in UV editor part save it to disk and reload it from disk.
I’ll leave post maybe it helps someone else out here.


Yes, this image load, save, reload … can be confusing at the start of learning blender.

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