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This is not any course related so I don’t know if it is allowed, but anyway I’m at my wits end here. What exactly is this Rendering Single Camera that took up so much performance? I can barely get any 30fps in the editor. I tried multiple things with baked lighting, occulision camera, but they barely did anything to performance. I just want to know, what exactly is this? Below is a picture of my profiling, and this is consistently ranging from min%40 to roughly %70 … Please send help!

Hi Brian,

Without knowing anything about your game, it is impossible to tell why the camera is using so many(?) resources. Generally, the camera uses a lot of resources. The more complex meshes and effects you have in your scene, the more the camera has to do.

Hi Nina, thanks for your response. I think I kind of find out what it is, but not entirely sure. I have a few virtual camera in the scene just for timeline, but they are active at all time, would that affect the performance at all while they’re not displaying anything when not in timeline?

When I tried disable those, I barely noticed anything different in term of frame rate.

But I have one camera only for rendering texture (a 3d mesh with some particles), when I turn that off, it pretty much double my frame rate. Could a single camera rendering texture take up that much performance? If so, what is your suggestion?

Thank you,

If each camera renders all the time, each of them will definitely have a significant impact on the performance. Rendering does not mean that you always see the result. For this reason, always make sure to have as few cameras rendering things as possible.

For testing purposes, disable the other cameras to see if the performance improves. If it does improve, try to keep them disabled and enable them only if you definitely need them.

If the problem persists with one active camera, you could, for example, use occlusion culling. “Static batching” could also significantly improve the performance.

My advice is to analyse the problem in your game first before trying to implement these things. Once you know what exactly is causing the problem, fixing the problem (instead of concealing symptoms) will be easier in most cases because you will be able to look for solutions for a specific problem.

If you use a laptop, plug the power chord in and check if your operating system is running the power saving mode. The latter could have an impact on the framerate as well.

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