Need help on implementing level up upgrade like vampire survivors

Hello everyone I need some help regarding level up. I want to copy a mechanics like on the (Vampire Survivors) level up upgrade.

Can you give me idea on how to start and add this mechanic so that instead of buying ability in the store, When I level up, I can upgrade the traits and I can also choose to have a new ability or upgrade ability like our fireball, fire spray, super mega splash
How do you think I should manage it, like using something like a list of scriptable objects? I don’t know if it’s really complicated to implement, can you give me some idea on how should I start it if it’s possible to integrate it on rpg?

This is somewhat complicated to implement, but not impossible.

I’d start with an AbilityStore that can be set up with every possible Ability with some sort of configuration…

public struct AbilityStoreConfig
    Ability ability;
    Condition condition;  //This is where you'd put thelevel needed, trait needed, etc
    int maxUpgrade;

The abilities that are unlocked will be stored in a Dictionary<Ability, level>.

More to follow, but I have to head to work

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