Need Help, NavMeshAgent Not working Properly (Scaling Issue?)

So I checked my code and all of my code works perfectly fine.

So the problem is that my zombie won’t attack the player after I changed the scale for both of them.
For example, when I leave the zombie at default scale (shown below) the zombie attacks the player.

However, when I make both of them bigger the zombie just mashes into the player. (shown below):

Here is my navigation tab:

Here are my NavMeshSettings:

The reason I changed the scale is that the player and zombie were way too small compared to my level. And The player was Initially shorter than the zombie.

Thanks to Anyone Who Helps.

I had the same issue. For me, it worked changing the “Stopping distance” of the navmesh agent of the zombie.

I have tried several different stopping distances before as well and they didn’t work, may I ask what your stopping distance is?

I have 3 tipes of enemies: there is a spider with a stopping distance of 4.5, a skeleton with a stopping distance of 5.8 and a Troll with a stopping distance of 7 (I don’t remember what stopping distance I put to the zombie, because I used it only to test my scene). The Troll and the spider have a special agent mesh, and the skeleton a “humanoid” one.

I begin with a stopping distance big, like 10 or more, and look if it works. Then I reduce it to a distance I like. I also have the “Auto Braking” on, on the navmesh agent, because if it is off, the enemy don’t stop or begins to move “erratically” when it is near the player .

Ya I tried all of that too, doesn’t seem to work for some reason.

This worked for me. Sorry I couldn’t help you more.
Good luck finding the solution!

How are you getting on with this, @chint_redd? Do you still need help?