Need help in rigging

I need help with rigging this character I created in blender.
I have laid out the skeleton…but when I parent it with the bone, the element gets dislocated…I don’t seem to get the exact reason why it is happening…


Can anyone help me out with it…?

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We will need actual information in the form of a screenshot in Blender.

Please give a full screenshot. With the relevant panels open.

This can be done by Blender itself, via the ‘Window’ menu bar top left hand side. On that menu drop down is ‘save screenshot’

you can use Inverse Kinematics and use another bone to set the pole target. Rotate the pole angle accordingly.

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  • Check the scaling of all the robot parts, they need to be ‘1’!
  • Check the origin of object parts, don’t change this while rig is in place.
  • Look for mirror problems.

Did you layout your skeleton in Edit mode or in Pose mode?

Perhaps try selecting all the bones in Pose Mode with “A” and then pressing “Alt+G”, “Alt+R” and “Alt+S” to reset the transforms, rotations and scale.

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