Need help finding a lesson

Hi! I followed the complete blender lesson a while a go and I was trying to refresh on how to rig an armature. More specefically, how to assign vertex group to armature bones. I revisited the animated lamp section and found out where we used objects parented to armature bones to animate them, but I was more interested on how to rig a single mesh object through vertex (group) weights.

I’m pretty sure I remember a section where we assigned vertex groups and then we can associate those to bones somehow… But I can’t remember… Can anyone helpe me out?

Thanks :slight_smile:

We dont cover this in the complete blender course but we do in the new updated characters course although we use rigify as an add on to generate the initial rig we do have to adjust the weight painting on it as it doesnt always do the best job.

Hope this helps

Thanks guys! I probably must have done it in another tutorial I did in the past…! It seems silly that the vertex group needs to have the same name as the bone and there is not a way to assign a vertex group to a bone in another way…


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