NavMesh Agent not moving as fast as the player

After doing the refactor (lecture 145, 146, 148, and 149) and removing ThirdPersonCharacter and AICharacterController, movement is broken and I have been banging my head against the wall on this all week.

Any help would be most appreciated (see the question in Udemy here):

UPDATE 10/19/2017: I found the culprit! But, not solved yet…

I happened to click on the Nav Mesh Agent in the editor and noticed it was getting left behind when the character moved, the character would stop when the slower moving Mesh Agent reached the destination… all further clicks would be calculated from that location. I removed navMeshAgentSteeringSpeed​ and the assignment to navMeshAgent.speed and the Agent picked up speed some, but is still falling behind. Now I just need to figure out why - see video below:

Here is the video:​​​

UPDATE 10/21/2017

Here was the culprit, right here:

navMeshAgent.updatePosition = false;


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