Nature/Soft Occlusion Shader help needed

Okay, I’ve Googled, asked in the discord, and I’ve even joined Synty’s discord to find an answer but Google has nothing for me and I have no idea how long it will be before someone in the discord will reply…

I’m getting a warning that the trees must use the Nature/Soft Occlusion shader. Otherwise the billboarding/lighting will not work. However there are two different shaders, leaves and bark, and regardless of which one I add, my manually placed trees turn invisible, and any trees I place with the painting tool are just dark blobs.

So, how do we fix this? Thanks.

This is what I was able to find, although I haven’t actually tried this yet. [edit] forgot the link

Nope. Doesn’t work. It also didn’t work for the original poster there 5 year ago. I know it’s only a warning, but when that warning tells you something should be done a certain way, and you do it, and it severely breaks things, would that not be a game breaking bug? I mean, I’m not getting a warning now, but this ain’t right. Haha

Oh, this shot shows how manually placed trees have disappeared…Note the selected tree…

I’ve never gotten trees to work right. I placed them by hand instead. You’ll note that the GameDev project has the same issue with the shaders.

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Yeah. It’s weird. One of the Synty guys got back to me and said these particular Trees shouldn’t be using the Nature/Soft Occlusion shader but never told me how to make the warning stop, simply to clear it. There must be something causing the warning. Maybe one day I’ll have learned enough to figure it out. Or distracted enough to not care any more…hehe

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