Napoleonic Fantasy RTS

It doesn’t look like there’s an option to include video, so here is a link to the video on my YT:

So, I wanted to make a Total War clone set in a Song of Ice and Fire-esque fantasy universe styled after the Napoleonic era of world history. I wanted to do this, thinking that it hadn’t been done at the time. I still don’t know if it’s been done, now I have to find out, but anyways in this universe the story would be driven by the conflict between an egalitarian democracy, the Free United Republics of the Fenlands or F.U.R.F. (“Les Fres Unyte Republyke de les Fensterry” the acronym is the same in English and Fensh pronounced “Fosh”), which is basically what would happen if the French Revolution was on acid and actually succeeded, and the Eternal Sublyme Domynyon of the Lyne of Tyrfen, or the Empyre of Tyrjaana or the Tyrjeny Empyre, which is an analog of what would happen if Sweden had won the Great Northern War and become an evil colonial superpower. I know it’s really crappy at this point, being ALL blueprint w/ no AI and inelegant animation, but I definitely can’t make a game like this on my own so I had to come forward with the idea stupid as it may be. I’d been toying w/ colors for the FURF flag for a while, not to make it too busy but also each color has a meaning…also the Magenta jackets are just for the elite Republykan Guard while the regular grade of troop would just wear the French blue. So… is it a good idea? Is it worth doing? (Has it been done before?) Should I get a patent or something for the idea? My first next step is going to be to look into AI tutorials you have advertized, and up my Blender animation game.

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