Still very rough around the edges and such compared to a lot I see. Here it is though:
Game link

preview of some earlier gameplay:

Try to get above 1000 points without just running an easy level lol. Also be sure to click in the window to get it moving. Space thrusts ship, D rotate right A rotate to the left. Ship controls are very sensitive.

I left a level skip in because it was frustrating just crashing and getting nowhere imo. Level skip made me feel like I could get a change of pace and still get somewhere. Also, the controls seem a bit different in the editor than the build… but maybe I am just imagining it, or the screen size makes a difference. Anyways let me know what you think of how the ship handles and the hardest level.


Great looking level.

I think all those games might be too hard for me because the physics is supposed to be handled in the FixedUpdate() function rather than the Update() function. If you do it in the Update() function you don’t know how many physics updates you’re going to get while adding forces there. So depending on your framerate you may get either double or triple forces or half. At least that’s my hypothesis.

Huh I thought that is why we were multiplying by Time.deltaTime like this:

  float thrustPower = thrustAmount * Time.deltaTime;
        rigidBody.AddRelativeForce(Vector3.up * thrustPower * Time.deltaTime);

But what you are saying might be it… will have to try and see if the results differ. I also noticed if you hold space while the game is starting the ship will zip up at hyper speed and die lol.

edit: looking at it the first line is kind of redundant so lets kill that lol.

Ah that might actually be it (in addition to what I said).
A force is not to be multiplied by the delta time here.

here’s what mine looked like :

void FixedUpdate()
    if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Space)) // Thrusting
        rigidBody.AddRelativeForce(Vector3.up * forwardThrust);

There were two different concepts here. For the forward thrust we add a force where it’s not supposed to multiplied by delta time (a force is an acceleration times mass).

For the RCS thrust (the rotation), the course made us control the rotation directly and in that case it was multiplied by delta time :

    float rotation = rcsThrust * Time.deltaTime;
    if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A)) // Rotate left
        transform.Rotate(Vector3.forward * rotation);

(here rcsthrust is not a force but an angular velocity which might be a bit confusing given its name :slight_smile: ).

If you fix the code you’ll likely need to re-tweak the values.

Yeah had to lower the value a lot lol. Better control though. Will have to re-upload tomorrow. Also, looking at the course code directly in the project it is this at the end:

private void ApplyThrust()
    rigidBody.AddRelativeForce(Vector3.up * mainThrust * Time.deltaTime);
    if (!audioSource.isPlaying) // so it doesn't layer

and that actually runs on update. My only issue with fixed update is level skipping can be a bit sticky. Still that is more of a preview function probably anyways. I at least tested even with current controls to be sure everything was able to be completed lol.

Better version in pretty much every way. Pretty happy with results:


Thoughts? Levels too hard? What is one feature that could really take this to the next level?

Great idea! You wanted an idea to ‘take it to the next level’. What about antibodies that chase your ship? If they touch you, boom. If not antibodies then white macrophages which chase and eat your ship. Could be fun.

Not just red blood cell clumps to avoid but maybe nerve cells? One odd idea I had was making ‘gravity’ pull to the right or left. A kind of sideways level. The lymph fluids pulling you against your will.

Handling is now much better ! The rocket doesn’t fly through the whole level in one keystroke anymore ;).

I still find it a bit hard but then it’s probably just me (not very good at that kind of games).

Cool. Yeah I meant it to be a bit challenging though. I will probably set this aside while I work on a critter for my RPG game but will keep checkin back!

Little hard, not going back to level 1 would be nice. Also, controls are a little too sensitive I would say.

Personally, I think a slightly higher thrust, and a slightly slower rotation would be easier for me; Fantastic work though!

Interesting comments on the controls. It seems everyone has a slightly difference preference/impression. Thank you for feedback though!

Looking good. I tried both version that you linked. In my opinion the thrust was too high on the first, and too low on the second. I loved the change of scene color in the second one, as well as the bubbly ambient background noise!

I didnt get past level 2 without using the skip levels, overall it was good. Like I said the controls were just difficult for me on both ends.

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