NANOQUEST Prototype Level

Theme - Taking out nanotech-powered gang members in city
Experience - Action, comedy
Design Pillar - Collecting and upgrading abilities for over-the-top battles

Multiple enemy types - weak and small, fast, strong attack, strong defense, ranged attacks, flying
Starting weapons for player - sword (close range, higher attack, slower speed), energy blast (long range, low attack, faster speed)
Weapons and abilities to gain - higher jump, faster healing, fireballs, lightning bolts
Collecting cores - cores can be found in the open and dropped by enemies to raise a player’s stat, weapon, or ability level if he collects enough (some cores build up one stat or weapon while others build up more)
Healing for player
A-to-B flow - player goes battling one group of enemies to another while finding “keys” to unlock paths until he reaches and defeats the boss
Challenge - player starts out fighting weak enemies in simple environment setups and moves on to tougher enemies with natural obstacles and less room to move
Test ranged attacks
Test camera placement - camera position should change in different areas and provide a proper view to enhance the gameplay; this may achieved by assigning layers to certain platforms or by creating “hotspot” objects and using delegates to change the camera’s position only when the player’s collision switches between layers/hotspots
Assets - focus on futuristic and city themes
Spacing and distance - allow enough for player and enemy movement so it doesn’t feel crowded except in certain challenging situations

You enter the city from the bridge. After this are two paths, but one is blocked by a pile of rubble that you cannot cross. Going the other way takes you past the slums. From here, you can head to the park for extra weapons and level ups or the construction site. At the site, you can defeat a miniboss to use the crane to remove the rubble and proceed to the boss.

very well thought out keep up the good work looks like i am getting to the point were allot of people get burnt out I am getting there myself been plowing through the course and always thinking of my projects.

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