Mythical Awakening

I decided to build Mythical Awakening in Unity with the 3D Game Kit. It was going to be a big game. But I decided to scope it down to make it the finished product actually happening. Here I will lay out the process. Stay tuned for updates!

Here is a sneak peek!


The main character is named Soto.

She is a very tough girl. She isn’t very liked and is an outsider to the nobility of the city. She was always tough on everyone and didn’t felt with the other royal’s of the city. She spent her time with the criminals and outsiders of the city. She has tattoos all her over her body and she is one of the best street races out there. Her father, the king, is tough on her but he is the one that taught her to be tough. But unlike her father everyone is the high district believes she’s scum like the lower districts.

She lives in a cyberpunk kingdom as the princess of the large technological castle.

Her father is King of the Kingdom. It is a large city with advanced technology mixed with knights, dragons and castles. There is one large castle in the middle where she lives and then the high district, middle district and lower district. There are Garden only in the Kong’s Palace. The city is enormous. It would take 3 days to get from on end to another.

Soto was part of the high district her father was a knight in the royal army. The city was like a castle made with stones and future tech. The army was to protect the city from outside threats. When she was young the city was attacked by a bunch of rival states. They wanted to put an end to the kingdom’s rule. There was were to advanced and to could feel the corruption spreading the city was losing control and even the lower district started reveling. It was a horrible war that lasted for 40 years.

It ended on Soto’s 10th Birthday when a massive earthquakes destroyed party of the city and most of the army. A volcano went off and wiped out one rival kingdom and another kingdom disappeared into the sands of their world. The King, Soto’s father was the man for the job. He was the latest king in a line of Kings who descended from the first King. Back before there was flying vehicles and a castle that lights up with electricity. The King effectively immediately made troops that were left begin taking care of the lower districts.

One of the King’s greatest generals would take Soto out to help out. Her father trained her and allowed her to go. She saw first hand the lives and was horrified. It made her angry at everything. She became more cold around everyone. She didn’t know how to respond. The world was not pretty. Everywhere you looked was destruction. After the destruction of the war for the next 7 years she witnessed the city grow more isolated. The city is gigantic. She has never what the world looks like outside from the King’s Garden. But it was so small compared to what she read in the books.

Soto was an avid reader and explorer. She adventures far and wide and even made it beyond the edge of the city. She found a cave one time with ancient artifacts of giant creatures. She has been fascinated ever since. Now she is at the place where the stories are about.

The King has noticed that there is a disturbance in the order of the world. Random deaths by dark creatures. He like all kings have a secret job. Each king has to protect the crystal of light at all cost. But the King cannot go. The kingdom needs him to handle emergencies in the city. He decides to send his daughter who no one will bat an eye if she is gone.

On her way to the place of the crystal of light you run into the dragon and discover that you are the last dragon rider.

Dragon Riders who are in charge of protecting the crystal of light.

Zulu is the dragon.

He is the last line of dragons in a long lineage of dragons who have the power of the crystals. They give their riders strength and power.

Together they are tasked with preventing darkness from taking over the world.

In the game you have to activate the crystal of light to prevent darkness from spreading!

Here is Soto and Zulu!

The Locations

There is the hub area which is the town on top of the mountain. The first Dragon Rider found the town and even has a statue on top of the center fountain.

Then there is the central part of the map. It connects to everything. It is a nature world made using the pre-built nature pack form synth studios! Shout out to them for making amazing assets!

Next is a fort area. Original supposed to be filled with orcs is now filled with creatures from the dark realm. After that is a grasslands area with abandoned village. There is a forest that you will have to explore through.

My favorite is the dungeons. It was so much fun making and is so cool walking through. You guys will love it.

The last part of the level is a snow mountain that you have to climb. The final battle is waiting for you at the top.

Once you get through all that there is a giant door leading to the crystal of light!

Here is the game design process. I was planning out the story, characters, locations, game mechanics, language, them and I was prototyping ideas.

IMG_5083 IMG_5084 IMG_5085

Check out a short video of my level.

It took me 6 days to plan it and 2 weeks to build it. I ran into so many obstacles. I pushed through! It was difficult but so worth it! I hope you guys enjoy testing it out. I know it still needs a ton of work but I wanted to start testing it so it can improve! Thank you for all the support!

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