Myan Pyramid - I did it My Way ...... lol

I like the way my Pyramid turned out , but like the title says , I did it my way (lol)

And this is how I did it .

  1. I face selected the faces on the 45 degree slope, unselected the faces not needed.
    2)Grabbed and moved in X direction until it snapped to increment (or maybe it was face i forgot)
  2. Selected the top 2 horizontal faces on each side
  3. Extrude the faces up until they snapped in place
    5)Edge slide to create the 45 degree at the top.
    6)Select the top 2 faces and Merge by distance (the replacement for remove doubles)
    Repeat for the other side.

So same result but done a different way :slight_smile:
I may extend the wall into the doorway as I progress


Basically, there are no wrong solutions. It is more a way how to work efficiently.
Creating mesh in a way you can add more details when needed.
Practice is the best way to get more experience in this.

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