My Wrap Up - Debrief

So here it is we reached the end of the first game that brought back some nostalgia from my childhood. I wasn’t truely invested in the first few, never really tried in the game design side cause I wasn’t truely interested.

I completed every challenge and with great pride in my self was able to complete most of them.
I got confused some times but re watched and got clarity and every challenge i didn’t know directly used that beautiful link to the unity docs and found my answers.

I loved how at times we got explained to why we are doing things the way we were doing it.

but now Im finshed I look at what can I do with what ive done. how much can I remember and Im afraid ive learnt nothing even though every quiZ i aced and every challenge I beat. I still have this large fear Im not learning enough and that cSharp is just gonna be to hard for me over all.

I dont know what I expect from writing all this but I think it would be nice to hopefully look back in a few sections times and see that maybe my feelings have changed. but its a good way to vent all these feelings that make me afraid to continue.

Is this a normal response? do people always feel like this is just to hard?

Hi Jamie,

The issue here is following along and doing just the challenges at the time wont solidify the learning,
You will find that if you havent followed the suggested reading or expanded the game yet beyond the scope of what you have learnt here and in previous sections then it wont stick.
You have to apply what you have learned in the book to the real world because its not the same.
Take my old job as an electrician i can read the book for months but it wont teach me what i need know how to rewire a house, That takes 4 years of training on the job and with books.

A good rule of thumb is once you have completed a section if you cannot do it on your own by pausing the video in the first 30 seconds of the video then its a good idea to restart the section and make a new game with your own assets.

I’ve run the courses probably 3 times and thats all the courses :slight_smile:

Dont panic or worry this is normal and its just rinse and repeat. Some getting it sooner than others but in the same repeat and when you get stuck go to google not press play instead

EDIT :- Just to add in the Q&A on the courses you have Nina and Rick and on the RPG course if you go that direction i am in the Q&A there :slight_smile:
Hope this helps

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I appreciate your response , alot of what I was saying was to get feelings out and hopefully gain some divine wisdom. your response opens my eyes to some mistakes im making not pushing my self to self challenge. :slight_smile: I hope other students can take on this same approach venting their feelings to try make sense of it and accomplish a result like I have :slight_smile: Thanx Again

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Always here to help, If you havent checked it out already we have a discord server which depending on the time of day can get quite busy and there is usually someone around in the unity channel :slight_smile:
You should have an invite link in the announcements of the course but you may have to scroll down a fair bit to find it.

If discord isnt your thing i totally understand that and continue to use the forums and the Q&A but currently there is 4,074 people logged into the discord server (minus moderators and admins)

Three nuggets of advice.

  1. Take your time
  2. Don’t panic
  3. And Breathe :slight_smile:

Have fun :wink:

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