My words on what is the code written in the code

Preprocessor Directive:

#include <iostream>

this is a header file in C++ which defines the functions or object like “cout, cin, int, const etc…”
this function helps the computer to read the code and return it as a output.

main() function:

int  main()

We write this main() function to return an exit status in your code. And C++ std requires main() to return int().

Expression statement:

std::cout << "Hello, World!";

As you know “An expression followed by a semicolon; is an expression statement!”.
This is used to tell the computer to express(print) things or variables in the output.

Declaration statement:

const int a = 7;

Declaration statements are the statement that declare something in our code like integers, variables, strings and etc…

Return statement:

return 0;

This return function terminates or executes the function(written by the programmer) in our code when it’s called.

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