My well!

I’ve been using blender before the course, but I decided to do the course to learn it in a more professional way since I want to do the job of 3D graphic artist and I think that starting with some online courses it’s a good thing.




Welcome to this site.

Many doing the course are the same having dabbled a bit but find the structured course introducing all sorts of elements that Blender can do very helpful.

Good looking model.

Issues are with reality and understanding the subject. Jiggled about tiles for variation, but copied the same in every row. Then they are not overlapping the previous row’s joins like that style of tile has too. If you want to do it for a job my inexpert opinion is you will need to pay attention to such realities.

Ignore the texturing you will get to that rather than plain colours. That is more how tiles work.

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Thanks for the reply! I will follow this tip for sure! Thank you very much!

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