My Well Scene

Gimme your opinions, please.

Thanks in advance


For me, it’s all about dimensions. And camera positions!
As a viewer, you seem to have the same size as the well, maybe even bigger.
So the the well is a bit small, as in normal usage.
Just my 2 cents.

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The well itself looks a bit small to me. Having said that, I really love the structure you built over it. The structure seems well proportioned and the choice of materials seems very appropriate.

The final suggestions I would make have to do with composition and lighting. Overall, the lighting seems a bit drab. There is an interesting shadow cast by the structure but it is difficult to see with the fairly low image contrast. Also, composing an image with a single object in the very center is tricky business. Centered images tend to feel very static, sometimes even boring. A simple rule to avoid that sort of thing is the rule of thirds. The basic idea is to divide the image into thirds horizontally and vertically and place objects of importance at the intersection of the lines (more information here). By changing the lighting and composition slightly, here is a revised version:

It’s absolutely “different” rather than “better”. It does show how much difference a slight tweek to the lighting and composition can make to the overall feel of an image though.

Overall, great work.



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