My weird looking frog-car

With bonus hood ornament! The things on top were supposed to be lights like you might have on a Jeep or something, but ended up looking more like cartoon frog eyes, but I decided to keep it in anyway!


Looks Awesome! I would love a frog car! =)


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Cool. How original!

Ohhh Very Cool!

Ribbit 1000?
Frogomotive? lol
Nice job

If you get in a bad highway collision you might croak…


Seriously though, nice work!

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Thanks for the feedback guys! I have been working on some safety features to hopefully make it less likeky to be involved in a collision. You could say it’s a massive leap forward…


Car looks ace! Hopefully no collisions occur, would hate to see it get toad

I think the fact that it looks like a frog gives it a certain charm. Nice job!

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Gero Gero!

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Thats really cool looking!

FROGGGGGGS I like frogs
nice job

The titled pulled me here. Nice car though.

It’s cool and cute! Awesomeness!

You’ve got quite the //jump// on the rest of us!

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I love the eyes! Well done with the bumper.

That’s awesome! So much personality for a simple white box. I’d love to see it colored, all green with a red front bumper for a tongue. LOL

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