My Very Favourite Rocket

…I call her Vera =)

Had fun with this challenge and made myself a primitive little Firefly-class transport…rocket lol. Hope y’all enjoy!

I did also have a question about the box meshes. I see that there are options to subdivide them along any of the three axes, but when I add subdivisions, nothing seems to happen. Am I missing something there to get the subdivisions to work? Or are the subdivisions for texturing only and not modelling?

I know Godot isn’t really for modelling, and for any serious work I would go to Blender, but it’s basic capabilities for prototyping have already proven to be vastly superior to Unity, so I would like to be able to utilize them to their fullest extent wherever possible! Thanks!


Looks good!

I checked this out and the tooltip shows that this adds loopcuts along each given axis. Before any kind of topology editing, these loop cuts do affect trimesh collision shapes (if only academically), as well as UV maps. Apparently it’s also possible to dynamically edit mesh topology during runtime, so it’s probably best used for that:
Nice to know there’s something more to dive into if ever Blender and tweens/animations aren’t enough.

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Thanks for the reply, and for the link! I was terribly confused about those tooltips, because they didn’t appear to be adding any loopcuts at all, but I fiddled around with it for a while and when I finally switched into wireframe mode I could see that they were, in fact, there. They just don’t seem to be creating any manipulate-able vertices or edges. (Which is what I was hoping for, but oh well. Can’t be too greedy for prototyping lol.)

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