My Version of the Pawn

I had some trouble with the sphere. For some reason it seemed to be joined already and I could not change the shading to smooth. I could not change the shading of the body either, and I still don’t know why. I just started over.
I had created a little neck for the head when I was making the body of the piece and that helped me with the connecting. My neck was empty though, and I could see inside my pawn. So. I lowered the UV sphere down, snapped it to the edge and removed doubles by 0.020. Then I tried to show initiative and check my normals by just recalculating outside, but that flipped the normals of the body the wrong way around. I just undid that and finished my pawn. I wonder if the sphere sitting on top of the neck would cause any problems, if I were an artist working with a game developer?

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