My version of the Dino scene

Hello there !

This is my version of the Low Poly Dinosaur scene @Grant_Abbitt :

I’ve added eyes, teeth and some nostrils.

Also, the shading of the mountains didn’t work for me (nodes setup), I don’t know why (I tried different positions of the origin point but no good result + applying the scale) here is my node setup in case anyone needs another version of a gradient:

Thanks !


Scary! Great job :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Scaling (size of things) is part of the job (mapping texture).
It’s hard to understand.

  • Did you check the scales of those objects used? The best is to have them at 1.
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nice work. It look like the gradient is working on the mountain from the picture you posted

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Yes I did, I applied the scale and rotation, also I tried to move the origin to the bottom (check images):

This is the setup from the tutorial:

This is with the origin moved to the bottom of the mountains:

Thanks !

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Thank you, it works with a bit of a modified node setup but I just found out that it works with ‘Generated’ instead of ‘Object’ on the ‘Texture Coordinate’ (I don’t understand why):

Thanks @Kevin-Brandon, @FedPete and @Grant_Abbitt !


Nice job ! Where did you take front and side picture dinos. I could not find them.

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The dino reference images are in the Resources folder of the ‘Inserting Background Images’ lecture. (Udemy)
Resources tab of The same lecture on this site.

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