My version of Martian Mike

This course taught me an unbelievable amount of skills which I can now put into my own projects. I am really enjoying using Godot upto now. I will be returning to Unreal soon but in the meantime I want to carry on learning the programming fundamentals in Godot and GDScript.

Thanks to Kaan and the rest of the team for doing such awesome courses!

Here’s what I came up with by following the tutorials:

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​nice work.

fab customisation and extras youve added there…

like the tweak where the text color of the time changes to a red when its getting close :wink:
and the timings are tight too, so forcing player to get a shuffle on. more than enough time, but gives that little bit of panic when you get to the last couple seconds heh

ill have a look as i seem to remember somewhere i used to post Godot Games so they play in the browser, if some folk dont or cant download exe’s

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Thanks so much @OboShape. I’m glad you noticed the extras I added, I learned most of it from these tutorials. The best thing I learned was Autoload Singleton so variables are saved across all levels (for the coins). I also wanted to add a grading system at the end where it adds up the time remaining and coins collected on each level and produces a A+ grade for example, like in Resident Evil. It seemed a bit complicated though and I wasn’t sure on the math.

With regards .exe’s it would be great to be able to run it in browser. I had a brief look at code signing but I’m pretty much a beginner and I didn’t understand most of it, also it’s quite expensive on the sites I looked at.

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yep found it, i used to host on <>

ive just tried it on Godot 4 and it seems to be working nicely.

all i did was go into Project > Export

in there you can Add the Web export template (think its about 700 meg)

then export the PCK at the bottom

select the .PCK from the dropdown and export to a location

this gives a single .PCK file that we can use on

once your logged into gotm then theres an upload button, or drag and drop

once its uploaded it ready to play in browser :slight_smile:
and its free, but made for Godot games i believe

This worked for me @OboShape ! Thanks so much for the detailed explanation. I tried to do the same thing (pck or zip) on but it didn’t work for me. I’ll definitely post my Godot games to from now on.

The only thing I had a problem with was that the GPU Particles I added in Godot were not rendered in the web version. I think next time I will try to use CPU Particles and see if that works.

Thanks again for all your help and comments.

Here’s the link:

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nice one, no probs.
glad its working and get a few more plays :slight_smile:

ah, wonder if theres a limitation on web builds

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