My Version - Dragon Carnage (Wreak as much havoc as you can)

Finally caught up with the Udemy Unity Course 2.0 (Argon Assault). I never would have guessed, that I would learn enough C# to make something like this in just 2 weeks :slight_smile: Really looking forward to the next section on Tower Defense, as that is my favorite genre :slight_smile: (EDIT: Added YT videosource, uploaded one didn’t show)


Nice! As they would say in New England, “Wicked cool!”

Really cool, I enjoy your project!

Well done! Really cool concept!

That looks really good, laying destruction onto the world as dragon, who wouldn’t love that? :laughing::+1:
The forward angle of the dragon seem to be a little bit drastic it seems?
Anyway, great idea and well done.

hi that’s soo cool! when i first started this section i thought dong it with the dragon too LOL! where did you get the dragon?? and also, do they tell you anywhere near in the course how to produce character animation? for the wings for example! DRAGONSSS HAVOCC

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