My Upcoming Mobile Game

After i completed this section of the course i decided to make my own inspired take on brick breaker games and came up with my first free mobile game that will also be sold on when released. its always extremely humbling to come back to these Gamedev.Tv and i hope you guys enjoy My early version of Heart Blast

Heart Blast Beta:


Image: Heart Shield




I thought there were a lot of nice elements to this game. It feels good, has a very nice low poly aesthetic. The music is nice and mellow. Here are some of the critiques that I have:

  1. I felt like there should have been some kind of warning when I was about to shoot another ball. Maybe a charger, the red paddle getting darker, or a bulge appearing.

  2. Some situations are extremely hard to get the paddle around to protect the heart, might be nice to have an emergence spin, it would rotate the black and red portion around their center by 90 degrees by right clicking (Limited charges, cool down timer, something)

  3. having a heart beat sound effect or a maybe a heart monitor indicator to give more reinforcement on the level of damage I had sustained would have been nice.

These are just friendly critiques. The game was really fun and very polished.

currently im building player abilities like shields and health regain and i was planning to make a laser sight when the ball is about to shoot but the paddle getting darker is a good idea. Also i am planning to show the lives in the UI but the heart beat sound is a good idea. thank you for the feedback

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Hey did you made that music yourself? I always wonder do indie developer created their own music or use open source projects?

No i got it from incompetech. its a site used by most people for free music. But for the most part you should make your own music so that its original to your game

This is pretty cool! I like the inversion of classic breakout. My only critique is that my mouse input wasn’t registering :(. Also, dunno if LMB & RMB or the x-axis would rotate, but I think x-axis would be ideal for those snap blocks. Probably moot since your target is mobile, but…

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