My unfinished and broken Ahoy Matey

I’ve been working on making Ahoy Matey after finishing the video lectures for that section of the course some weeks ago.

However every time I try to continue making the game, the same part of the game breaks.
The part that breaks is that when the ship moves away from the start position, the cannon balls continue to instantiate at that start position rather than instantiating at the current position of the player.

I’ve fixed this issue a few times now, only to have it break again. I’m going to post the last repsitory from when the game was working.

Also I’ll post a link of the game running in browser via game bucket if someone requests it.

If I summoun the will to find away to fix this problem again, then I’ll post an update to this topic.

I’m going to keep struggling with Ahoy Matey on my days off, until early next year, so about two weeks. Then I will give up and move on or maybe I would have fixed this problem enough times to finally move on and get the cannon balls shooting over LAN and add in the health UI and make it into something more like a game.

Update 1: So I got some help from two people on the discord group and now the projectiles travel wit the player and shoot correctly.
This allowed me to move onto the LAN problems.
The only player that is able to shoot is the first one in the Game scene regardless of whether it is the host or not. Both players can move correctly though.
It could be that I’ll have to redo my entire game in order to have it work but I’d rather rip eyes out of their sockets.
Bellow is a link to the updated github desktop:

I’d redo the game if I liked or was getting paid to do it, but I don’t/am not. I’m doing this just because it’s the last part of the course. I will stop working on this game in January, regardless of whether it is done or not.

Last Update:
I have given up on this game and I watched the last few videos on the course and I’m never coming back tot this game.
I don’t have the will to do this anymore. I need to work on something else that is LAN, which I know barely anything about.

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