My understanding of pointers

So after a lot of reading and reading and again reading I’ve learned quite a lot about pointers.

A quick definiton would be that pointers can access a variable via its address and have the ability to modify those variables as well.

But their uses are much more than that, they can be similar to arrays and can “copy” their attributes, they are pointers that can just point to something and can’t change it (const * ) we can change those pointers, we can manipulate them to point to any variable or even a function we want, or even point to another pointer.

Now for the usage…I have my doubts. I’ve read that Unreal uses them a lot, but I guess I’ll find out for sure in the lectures to come. I know that users in C use them because there are not such things as “strings” in C.

But another use would be to point to a certain object without having to copy it and save memory? Not so sure about that though…

A pretty interesting chapter though, I enjoyed reading it.

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