My Triple X Story

Ok, this is my story that I have in mind (I had another one about James Bond but I think that I can do it better with a totally different story)

You are a spiritual guide and your task is take the soul of people that die by natural causes or external causes

When somebody dies, as a spiritual guide, you receive three informations about the deceased: his birth year, his age, and his date of death.

There is a door in that you must enter three numbers taken from the deceased’s data: his last birth year digit, his first age digit, and his last date of death digit.

If you enter the correct numbers given from the data, the door will open and the deceased can continue to the next journey. If you fail, the deceased’s soul will be lost. So, you lose the game.

Then, your task in the life cycle continues with the next generation. Like the deceased’s son or daughter. And then, the deceased’s grandchild or granddaughter, and so on.

But, the main condition, is that at least two souls (specially son’s soul and father’s soul), will meet again in the same spiritual world. If you achieve this, you end the game winning. If not, the game continues.

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I love it! Please make it!

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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