My Toon Tanks Project Showcase

My Toon Tank Game Showcase!

Game Preview Youtube: Toon Tanks (Unreal Engine c++) - YouTube

Toon Tanks is an assignment part of the Unreal Engine course “Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games.”

Project description:
Utilizing c++ and blueprints to create a Toon Tank Game.

Project Plan:

  • Create a Tank that can move throughout the world
  • Handle input (WASD movement, mouse clicks)
  • Create an enemy Turret class
  • Add fire functionality with projectiles
  • Add health, damage, and destruction to the game
  • Add special effects (smoke, explosions, sounds)
  • Add winning/losing conditions with HUD displays

My extras:

  • Added object destruction and Assetsville Town content
  • Added target cursor
  • Added Turret will not fire if an object is between it and the paw player (tank)
  • Added health progress bar
  • Added background noise and music
  • Added in viewport Info


Love the use of physics! Seems like having that kind of environment interaction adds a lot of immersion and makes it more interesting to play.

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