My Three point render

Here is my render of a well from another course using the three point system outlined here. When I set up the well initially I found the lighting difficult to get right so this lecture has been very helpful. However, I did notice that in my first attempt the lighting in Eevee and Cycles was very different, so I am including a tip that I have also posted in the lecture Q&A that may have some relevance to the reasons for this. Apologies if I am stating the obvious but at least to me it was something of an eye opener.

I found that I was getting very different renders in Eevee and Cycles renderer. While the Eevee lighting was fine, largely because I had spent a fair while setting it up, the Cycles render was so dark as to make it almost impossible to see the object. After a bit of Googling as to why it might be and some playing around, it became apparent that the settings for the lamps in the two renderers were different and as far as I could tell independent. I guess the moral of this is that because you have set up the lighting as you want it for one engine, don’t assume that this will work for another, you should probably set up each one separately.


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