My thief double daggers Anime character

Hello everyone, I am back on posting again, finally finisched the course so I experimented with the use of bones on hairs and even if it was very long job to group hairs with bones I think that at the end it made a good result.
I did end up with double daggers and I am really proud of the design I end up with even if not perfect it’s the first time I create a weapon from scratch.
The posing was kinda hard because every time I moved a bone I found that some weight not assigned currectly on the vertex groups so I had to work more and more there.
Hope you will like it and going on next Grant course asap.


Nice character, goes well with the background, nice details and color for your character, on to the next course!


Good work and posing. Nice double daggers different weapons. Turned out very well.

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