My textured board

Kept the black spaces as they were, added a pattern to the white spaces to spice them up. First render showing the wood texture applied. not happy with how the UV mapping worked out of the box on this (it slices the sides at an angle (probably to make a big tri)).

Moving on to making the queen (even though I am doing hi poly count, instead of the low, will probably go back and do those as well soon).


Very nice board. I like it.

How did you get the glass finish chess board?

Here’s the settings that I used for the White material and texture, basically I applied settings for mirror, and subsurface scattering (translation: I played around quite a lot :slight_smile: )

Here’s the settings for the texture that I applied:

I still didn’t get the effect you have got. :tired_face:

The most important part is the material, the texture was just to give it some variation, make it more marble like.

Also, noticed that I am using the most recent version of Blender (2.78) whereas you’re on 2.69. Don’t know if that makes a difference or not, but perhaps (have noticed differences between older versions and this one with other things, like the boolean modifier not working exactly the same).

Hope you’re able to get it figured out.

Can you share the material settings?

I had already, it’s the top picture of the two that I included (the one that shows the ball). You have to click into it, click it again to zoom, and scroll down to see all of it.

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Very Nice!!!

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