My Text 101

Feedback would be appreciated

Hello @Tiger_TNT,

Unfortunately, I am unable to play your game.

The Unity Web Player relied on an underlying technology which most modern browsers no longer support.

You have a couple of choices;

  • you could either continue with the course and later on you upgrade to Unity 5, at which point you will be able to use the WebGL build option, as the Web Player build is now obsolete and unavailable, and return to this game and upgrade it and select the alternative build mode

  • you could upgrade to a more recent version of Unity now (5.4+ if you want the WebGL option). If you choose to do this now you will experience a few difference between what works in the course videos, and what you need to do for the newer version of Unity. The team have however added details in each section to cover this and, the questions have already been asked multiple times on the forum, so there is lots of help if you get stuck

In either case, I will look forward to playing your game in due course :slight_smile:

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Or you could have both versions installed in a different directory (very easy to do, Ben explains it at the start of the course), continue the course in Unity 4 and just import the finished game in Unity 5 when you’re all done to be able to export it to WebGL. That way you can follow along seamlessly during classes but still get people to play your game.


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