My Take on Zelda Master Sword

Following the Fairy scene… why not the Master Sword right?

Quite happy on being able to “finish” this in just one day.

The “wings” part of the crossguard gave me a lot of trouble, kinda cheated a bit as they are not part of the same object as the crossguard.

I know that I changed the looks a bit, but for my taste, to the better xD

Made it like it has some circuit that connects the jewel to the triforce.
The Jewel is Red instead of Yellow
The original hilt I don’t really like the Green “ropes”, so made fine golden threads

Enough words, here you go! (btw, this is Eevee)


Wow, see a lot of swords on this forum. But, I just wanna say I like your design. The blade is a bit … it needs something … can’t say what. But I think you know what I mean.


I agree and confess that I messed up on the blade a little bit. The topology became strange mostly because of the crease on the tip of the blade.

Also these are just pure Principled BSDF with a color… Thats it. Maybe if it had some scratches, and looked more like iron would be better.

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Think I figured out the topology needed for the tip of the blade

Since it’s all quads I can increase the subsurf and have it really smooth

Found out that making blade starting from the tip is much better than making the tip after. Because after you solve all the creases from the tip all that is needed is extrude the rest and the creases will follow the extrusion. Seems logical, but I failed to see that at first.


Beautiful quads. Retopology is important. Fun project!

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At least looks sharper now :smile:

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