My take on Tilevania

Its almost 2 weeks of creating and its not finished yet. Player can move, jump, duck, shoot, run-shoot and duck-shoot, have 5 lives and limited ammunition which he will pick in boxes (not yet added). Enemies have 3 lives and moving (in progress enemies with 2 lives and shooting fire). Level is not complete yet but i will show progress for fun :wink:


Wow this in incredible, staying with a game for that long and then producing something that looks game ready in my eyes is great! On another note, the graphics are also really good, the portal/door looks amazing! Fabulous job!

Thank you for nice review, but iam only level composer and programming stuff. Art is from ANSIMUZ from asset store its called Super Grotto Escape. I have much fun with it, can recomend for trying. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Have a nice day too, I still like how you put everything together, I kinda already knew that you didn’t create the assets but I was more impressed on how you used the assets.

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