My take on the sculpting head lessons

Not perfect and definitely a bit different from the one in the course, but hey, as a first sculpt ever, this isn’t that bad, right ? :wink:

The lower part of the ear is stuck to the head and I didn’t manage to get that right. Eyelids were also a problem. But I know this takes practice. Now it’s time to give the head some colors :slight_smile:


Looks good, characterful.


Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Removed the horns, added some simple stylized hair and a nose ring. Had some problems painting the model, especially the lips, so I kept it simple. Anyway, I’m very happy with the outcome of my first ever 3D sculpted/painted 3D (cartoony) face :slight_smile:


I didn’t really like the painting textures section that much. So I just applied materials. I did the exercises, but just left it with my textures. Since I tend to build ahead of the lesson, my horns were not separate objects and that did make things slightly more challenging in the end.

I used a glass texture for the horns, but they are not quite as clear as I wanted, but overall ok.

I am seriously artistically challenged, so this was a great class for me overall.


I also didn’t create the horns as a separate object, which was a problem at the time I wanted to remove them, due to the huge amount of faces. So I reverted back to an earlier version of my head and went on with that. Painting is definitely not simple, but I did learn a lot going that route… As Grant says: in the end it’s not the result that counts, but getting used to the tools. Good luck with your future sculpts ! :wink:


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