My Take On Post-Apocalyptic Cars/Trucks/Buses

1 was a result of following the lectures. Nothing too inventive with my approach.
2 was my first attempt at using another reference but it didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. I know the idea is to be fast and loose with the drawing but maybe I didn’t focus enough on it.
3 was the best of both approaches. I was able to use what I learnt drawing number 1, with the speed of number 2 to get a double decker bus with many encampments for weapons.


I’m really liking 3, the details are great, very nicely drawn, I feel number 2 is something I’d see in the movie cars, idk why I felt that way, great work on all three though!


I had that same thought when making number 2. Something about the front of the car is too face-like.

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