My take on NumberWizard with some additional artwork (WebGL)

Hi guys.
Here is my version of NumberWizard starring Conrad Poohs – you might know him from Monty Pythons Flying Circus. Hope you like it:


lol… that’s brilliant… well done - love the images :slight_smile:

Incidentally, it may be by design, but just in case it isn’t, the text when the player wins “how could this have happened” etc, doesn’t appear to have any spaces in it… :slight_smile:

Thanks @Rob!
Yes, I was intentionally leaving out the spaces to let sound Conrad rueful…
But it seems I have to work on this to make it a bit more obvious. Thanks for this hint!

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I liked it. The Design and effects are well put together.
did you create the backgrounds yourself?

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Thank you @Jonathan_wade!
Yes, I did them myself. Well, I browsed the web for all the different parts, brought them together in Photoshop and added some effects. Beforehand I made a moodboard in order to outline what character the result should have. That helped a lot.

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Thats awesome, really great job :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks @Obolus!

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