My Swords :) (First attempt) (Paper)

Thought Iā€™d finally get around to do some drawing after preordering this course!

Any and all feedback would be great!
My thoughts are below :slight_smile:

It seems the surface underneath my sketchbook also blends the graphite, so ill need to find somewhere else to draw! Or to not folder the paper round.

I think i also need the sharpen this hb, the lines arent very sharp even with pressure applied.

I found it really hard to draw two straight lines next to each other on the dual bladed sword, which resulted in less stable lines. I think, I also didnt leave myself a lot of room for my shoulder to help me in that spot.

Sometimes i caught myself drawing without a plan, i was just drawing lines in the general direction of a vague idea i had instead of planning my strokes in advance.

I found drawing the hilts in the same direction of the blade to be challenging, i think this will come with practise though.

I also realised i dont know much about sword shapes or styles, so maybe some research in this area would be good for the second attempt, maybe model some drawings on actual swords and derive stuff from there?

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