My Sunset

From Mars with a Setting Sun, and a Couple of Rising Moons! :sweat_smile:

Alright, so I’ll be honest, I’m not totally happy with how this has turned out. I planned on applying the Squash and Stretch, as well as doing the Slow In and Slow Out more properly, but I got caught up in the details, took me way more time than I thought it would, and managing the highlights and shadows was getting really exhausting.

So, I decided to just get it finished and maybe come back to it later, for the remaining tweaks.

About the animation - I’ve read that sunsets on Mars are blue, but I’m not sure if Mars has fluffy clouds like the one I’ve added, :joy: and if the daytime-sky is yellow.

Will really appreciate feedback. Also, inform me of any scientific inaccuracies in the animation.

Martian Sunset


I love it! :grin:


You did a great Job!