My submission to the Global StartupCity Game Jam, a small relaxing clicker game

Last weekend I participated in the Global StartupCities Game Jam. The Theme was “Win-Win Situation”. As a result of this Game Jam a little relaxing clicker game was developed where you mine materials, collect money, invest your money by building your city which then works for you for more money. A real Win-win!!!

You can download the game on the page.Have fun playing! :smile:

Also if you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate give feedback. That would be much appreciated.

Chrystal Chore City3

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I really love this! Can you tell me more about it?

Yeah sure, I can do that.
I participated in a game jam from the 20th to 22nd November with the Theme “Win-Win”.
A friend and me had the idea of a game where you work in a mine (the clicker part) to collect get money and get rich (first Win situation). With the collected money you can upgrade you tools to get even more money in the mine or you can build your city which then kind of works for you so you get money for building houses, farms or cinemas.
So the Win-Win situation here is Get money, build, get money from the buildings.

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