My Street Scene - Revisited

My first attempt was poor at best and I only spent a few minutes on it and it was not worth sharing, after doing a couple of eps of Project Boost I decided to restart the course just to make sure I understood the basics as I was basically just copying Ben’s work.

This course works wonders and I’m really pleased with how easy it is to progress with it.

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Spent around 2 hours making this tanker. Played around in a new project, exported the asset and imported to 1_My_First_Steps.

Had issues making this though as every time I would reset an item it would spawn in somewhere that wasn’t 0,0,0. so I would spend a while bringing them back and if I used transform to type in a rotation (180 on wheels for example) the wheel would move away. If anyone knows why this happened could you let me know… thanks

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Respect! That’s a lot of work you did there Oo
Keep it up! The next projects are gonna be upper fun!
I’m already curious to see your version of the rocket project 0:)


Added in a white picket fence and house.

Made the building in my asset creation project and imported it over

Mistakes were made with the fence and I’m sure there’s an easy work around but i forgot to add a material to it when making it an asset and it wasn’t until I finished the whole thing and tried to make it cream that I couldn’t add material to the parent.

Looking forward to coming back once I have learnt textures to play with the roof, walls and pavement and also add in some other scenery.

Good Work

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