My spitfire Animation

Really enjoyed the UV mapping & creating the Spitfire.

I went a bit further with the mapping & added different pictures to the wings, underside & cockpit to get a more realistic look of a Spitfire. I thought about creating the underside details but thought the images did fairly well with it. It maybe something I go back & add.

I also went a bit further with the Spitfires flight path. I wanted the plane to curve in & swoop down & up as though doing a low fly-by of the houses. I found out about following a path & using empties to control the movements on that path. I had a few interesting moments trying to get the propellor rotating correctly. As it changed direction following the path & when the plane pitched/rolled on that path. Looked very funny when it rotated towards the plane!

There are a couple of other camera angles I’m playing with but thought I’d load up the first one I’ve created. Pretty happy with how it’s turned out :grin:

& a couple of pics.


You went above and beyond! Fantastic job :fire:


Very well made, proper houses make a real improvement on Grant’s.

Nice plane too. I just wonder if the top wing roundels are too far pushed forward, rolling off the front edge.


Thanks :grin:

They are a bit. The image I had to work with was turned slightly so not the most ideal angle. I debated about adding a separate edge section, but figured wasn’t too noticeable!
I’m really pleased - if there’s that level of detail being picked up, I’m doing something right!

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