My speculative fiction theme using my Real Dream! (CYOA)

I want to warn you guys that my idea is somewhat random.

So here is my Idea …

I’m having a dream about this teenage girl (myself) just wondering around a city while carrying a guitar. Every people that I knew in reality(that I met in my dream) always telling me that I was in a dream. And I still insist that. I told them that I was not in a dream. Then, a lot of warning came to me… Like someone, just wanted to borrow my guitar. So, I Lent him. Then after only around 3 minutes my guitar just suddenly broke into 2 pieces. I felt so sad. However, the person that borrowed my guitar said that he wanted to replace it. Then I felt relieved.

The day after that tragedy. Someone just brought that guitar using a huge truck. Makes me realize that all of this. Just doesn’t make any sense. Like (?) I don’t understand.

That moment I started to realize that this was not a reality. Then I also met my friend whom in fact cannot play any instrument but in this dream, She can.
(actually, there’s more to the dream…)

I wanted the player of this game to realized this such a gaffe in the game.
They also must help the teenage girl (myself) to realize that this is not a dream. Leads by giving reasons for example, “why must bring guitar using a huge truck?”,etc.
It’s just that. With the right reasons (using a little bit of user story), then the player of this game will complete the challenge of this game.

So the point is we must influence the teenage girl (myself) to believe that all of this is a dream.


  1. My Game Theme = Speculative Fiction

  2. The image that sums up my theme =
    This kind of atmosphere is what i’ve got while in the dream


  3. Who is the Player?
    Young teenage girl

  4. The Goal =
    Influence the teenage girl (myself) to believe that all of this is a dream.

Interesting idea. Dreams can definitely provide interesting, creative inspiration.

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Wow… thank you so much :blush:
I’ll keep my journey start from here

thats odd something like this happened to me in real live i lended my guitar to my downstairs neighbour and when he gave it back the neck broke because he had put too much pressure on the strings. Later a friend of his came to repair it but it never felt the same btw that friend was named tim and his father was head of lufthansa acording to the neighbour

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Hmmm interesting…

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