My Specialization

So here’s my list!

Step 1: Things I like.
Atmosphere, story, attack animations, cinematics/fmv, enemy visual design,
unique battle system, textures, mmos, jrpgs, soulsborne, music, vfx.

Step 2: Things I’m good at.
Typing, color scheme selection, recognizing unique character/enemies.

Step 3: My Dream Job.
3D Character Artist for sandbox MMO’s like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen or Everquest,
3D Prop Artist for Epic setpieces, VFX artist creating cool and unique spells.

Step 4: Steps to reach Dream Job.
3D Modeling, Retopology, Texturing, UV Unwrapping, Rigging, Animation, Particles.

Step 5: My Next Step.
Complete courses on subjects above, create a portfolio of props and characters e.g animated
character or destructible objects.

Step 6: My Day 1 Value.
Simple 3D modeling and Texturing currently.

Step 7: My Specialization.
I am a 3D Character Artist with skills in Retopology and UV Unwrapping.
I am a 3D Prop Artist with skills in complex modeling techniques.

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