My Spaceship Escape: Prototype Complete

Hello everyone,

I have finally finished my Building Escape project which is Spaceship Escape. I managed to do all of this in just two days. I got all the basic things working and spent much time on level design and layout. Below you will find the video, a great many screen shots, and then “What I have learned”.


What I have learned and my experiences with this section:

  • Learned about how to import mashes, set new project, become more comfortable with UE4
  • Learned about more C++ coding for Unreal Engine
  • A little bit being lost and confused at near end of the sections, especially that refactoring code part which is very confusing for me


  • Maybe should separate the section into two: one part for only UE4 modeling part and one part for only UE4 coding part. I totally lost where the section are a lot of jumping around modeling and coding part.

  • Try to add a section concerning lightning in UE4. I did try to do lightning by myself but I encountered quite a number of problems that not mentioned in this lecture.


Congrats on finishing the building escape project so fast, you made such an amazing job!
I’m just a noob :hatching_chick: in Unreal Engine and game development but I’ve been a gamer all my life and I like your project :star_struck:
Keep up the good work!

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Wow. That’s impressive. Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks. I appreciated it. :blush: