My Space shooter game

There is my space shooter game. I would appreciate it if you could take a look.

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Really well done! It certainly lives up to its name by Level 4 which is as far as I can get. I’m glad you provided a screenshot of the final boss because I’d never see him otherwise, haha. I like the old-school arcade art style and the frantic gameplay. The “You Died” screen is appreciated because it gives us a chance to take a breather between lives.

Two issues for me: 1. The space background is so busy that I have a hard time tracking the enemy shots, and 2. The player movement has more drift than I would like.

Awesome graphics!!
Good Game! Works well.
Maybe slow down the quad bgspeed in the script might help, or edit out of some of the stars in photoshop. The Drift might help if you try to come up with your own friction script if friction material doesn’t work in the Unity editor. Check if the key is up and if not then make the character slow down faster. If you are beginning you’re game programming career now, trust me this will all smoothen out by the time you finish most of the modules. Learning how to google things to solve your own issues becomes a lot easier and you can figure out how to create your own cool features.

Thank you for this constructive comment :pray: . I’m going to update my game.

Thank you for your comment. I am beginning of my game career so this commets are valuable for me. I develop my skills day by day.

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